Allie Loy is a florist calling San Francisco home sweet home.  However, her incurable wanderlust has led her to places everywhere in between and far away. For what she lacks in height, she exudes in enthusiasm and joy.  As the saying goes, you will hear her before you see her (because she’s loud and short, get it?).  If not surrounded by blooms, Allie can be found at a quaint café, or engrossed in a book at the beach.  She is unfamiliar with the term “strangers”, for she only knows friends that she has not yet met.

Allie's first bouquet was constructed in a floral arranging class, but was preempted by many years of floral knowledge engrained in her by a caring and passionate mother.  Soon after this first arrangement, Allie abandoned her degree in history, realizing her passion for pretty things that could become a business.  Thus was born A Blooming Bud, which is now her beloved Bloomwell and Co.  Even five years into the business, she is still constantly filled with joy as she meets new people who share her adoration for life.  Allie’s devotion to her floral arrangements can only be matched by her love for her clients, as well as her obsession with coffee and good stories.

Please do not hesitate to contact Allie for your floral/food/friend/coffee needs.  Expect an urgent reply, accompanied by far too many exclamation points.

All film images taken by Meghan Mehan Photography and Steve Torres Photography